How To Create Diagrams

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How To Create Diagrams

Post by Relayer » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:32 pm

Thanks to the people who run the Musketeer Chess site (and where you can see the full version of the program, including many different pieces), we have installed a diagram program as part of our website. The link can be found here (you can bookmark the page):


This will create diagrams for boards of various sizes, and can be used for regular chess as well as variants. The Archbishop and Chancellor are also included for our 100 square variants.

The program stores the information regarding diagrams in text format, and creates pictures in .png format. For our site, you can simply create a diagram and save it using the default settings and the graphics file will be in a thumbnail within your post to reduce its size. I usually use the "place inline" option for the diagrams.

For the text file of the starting positions of Capa 100 Chess and Grand Chess, you can download the following and then load them into the diagrammer:


A few notes on the program:
  • Holding down the shift key fills in the empty squares with the same piece. For example, if you place a pawn on a2 on a blank board, and then place another one on h2 while holding down the shift key, there will be a row of pawns across the entire second rank.
  • Holding down the control key while placing a piece makes a mirror image appear on the corresponding file. For example, holding down the control key while adding a Bishop to c1 will also add one to f1.
  • If you have a problem with loading a file, I have noticed that sometimes the screen does not refresh properly. Here is what can happen. You load the starting position for, say, Capa 100 Chess, then you decide to change the board. After the change, you want to go back to the start position again. However, loading that same file will not reload it, since the program thinks that the original diagram is still loaded. To get around this, click on the file name to the right of the "Choose File" button. A dialogue box will appear to load a file. Click cancel. Another box will appear that says "Failed to load file." Click OK, then the filename to the right of the "Choose File" button will change to "No file chosen." You can now choose your file and it will load perfectly.
  • You cannot load graphics files into the diagrammer, only text files. If you are wanting to keep track of your games as you go along (and post diagrams after your moves), the best solution is to save your position as a text file before uploading your graphics (png) file. Once your opponent makes a move, reload your text file and make that move on your diagram, then your move, then save the text file again. This makes it easier than recreating the diagram every time.
At some point I am hoping to be able to move pieces around the board and so forth, but for now this is a great starting point for visualizing the game!

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