2018 League Rules

Come join our league and further explore chess on a 100 square board -- it's easy to start and is meant for players of ALL skill levels. The simplified ranking system allows you to more easily find players of similar skill.
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2018 League Rules

Post by Relayer » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:24 am

Anyone can join at any time. No sign up is necessary (other than for the message board) -- just play a game here in the league forum with the word "League" in the title of the thread. Games should start on or after 15 Oct 2017 and be finished by 31 Dec 2018.

When looking for a match, you can post a new thread in this forum. Once an opponent accepts, you can change the title of the thread to include both of your user names, as well as who has White and who has Black. FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, ONLY THE PARTICIPANTS OF THE GAME SHOULD POST IN EACH GAME THREAD UNTIL THE GAME IS OVER. Observers can silently follow all of the games in progress. Once the game is completed, the League Moderator will post in the thread and the thread will then be open to the public -- all constructive comments as well as questions about strategy and tactics are welcomed and encouraged. We are all here to learn, after all!

Games should be played using the Capa 100 Chess rules. If there is interest in other variants, including Grand Chess, then we will have separate leagues for those as well.

Moves can be entered in algebraic notation -- for more information on how to take notation, you can go to the following post:


In addition, you can also include a diagram with your move -- information on the diagramming program can be found here:


Once a move is posted, if there is any confusion regarding the move (for example, the diagram does not match the move typed) this should be clarified before posting a response. In the event that there is a dispute regarding the move after the fact, the typed move will take precedence over the diagram.

Please note that there are NO EDITS and NO POST DELETIONS allowed specifically in this forum. If you make a typing mistake and catch it right away, you can post your corrected move within a reasonable amount of time. Again, if your first move is legal your opponent can force it to be binding, but remember that we do want to play within the spirit of the game and with reasonableness when it comes to competition.

You may play anyone in the league.

However, against a single opponent, only two games will count (one as White and one as Black). If a second game is played against an opponent, then the colors will be reversed for the second game from those of the first game. This limit can be expanded when both you and your opponent have completed more league games:

0-9 games completed: Limit is 2 games
10-19 games completed: Limit is 4 games (with alternating colors)
20-29 games completed: Limit is 6 games (with alternating colors)
30+ games completed: Limit is 8 games (with alternating colors)

For your first game against an opponent, you both can choose sides, or in the event that a side has not been chosen, the League Moderator will flip a coin to determine the sides.

Players will be awarded points as follows:

Win over tier M, E, 1, 2, 3 and earn 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 points, respectively.
Lose to tier M, E, 1, 2, 3 and earn 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 points, respectively.
Draws are scored as the average between a win and a loss, or 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 points, respectively.

Point totals are divided by the number of games played to arrive at PPG (points per game). Each player will belong to 1 of 5 tiers based on their 2017 league year game results, after completing 4 games. Cutoffs for tiers will be at 5.50 PPG for tier M (Master), 4.50 for tier E (Expert), 3.50 for tier 1, and 2.50 for tier 2; below 2.50 will be tier 3.

Points awarded are changed when a past opponent rises or falls a tier -- that is, every player's current point total reflects the current standing of their past opponents. Until 4 games are completed, players will be assigned to tier 3 by default unless they completed 4 games in the prior year (not possible this year, the first year of the league, but this will be the rule moving forward), in which case they will continue with that past ranking until obtaining a new 2018 ranking (4 games completed).

Playoffs will begin as soon as possible after 31 Dec 2018. The top 9 players in the league by PPG who have completed at least 8 games and who are at least Tier 1 will be eligible to play in the Championship Tournament. This tournament will be a round robin format. If there are 5 or less players that qualify using this criteria, then the tournament will be a double round robin. The winner of this tournament will be League Champion for 2018.

If needed (which will be rarely), tiebreakers for determining the participants are as follows:
1 - Head to head play
2 - Most games played
3 - Strongest opponent defeated (measured by PPG)

There will also be a Qualifying Tournament consisting of up to the next 9 participants in ranking order who have completed at least 8 games. The winner of this tournament will qualify for the Championship Tournament for 2019.

Rules for game flow and posting of moves:

Time Limits: There is a 72 hour time limit per move. This limit may be negotiated by the players at game start. If you agree to different time limits, you need to post it at the beginning of the game thread for the moderators to enforce.

Vacations: Play can be paused for a total of 21 days, for whatever reason, without penalty by simply posting the need for a vacation. Please specify the duration of your absence in your game.

Weekend Players: If you can only play on the weekend or on certain days, please state so when you are looking for an opponent, and clearly specify this in the game thread.

72 hour warnings: If 72 hours goes by and there is no move made by your opponent, simply post the word "bump" and the number of the bump (Bump #1, Bump #2, or Bump #3), which creates the "warning" -- only post "bump" in your warnings to make it clear you are issuing a warning. Do not add any other text in your warning post other than the number of the bump.

"Bump" warning and consequences: Each "bump" warning resets the clock for another 72 hours. However, on the 4th "bump" warning the offending player will be disqualified and declared the loser for that game. (Note: You get only 3 warnings per game.) You must post the warning when it happens (or before the next move has been made by your opponent). You cannot retroactively issue a "bump" warning.

Requesting Extensions: If a player sees that he/she will not be able to make a move within the 72 hour limit, a request for an extension can be made which will give another 72 hours to make a move. To post an extension, simply type the word "extension" along with the number of the extension (Extension #1, Extension #2, and so forth). A player starts the game with one extension, and gets an addition extension for every 10 moves played. Extension time is separate from Vacation time mentioned above.

If a move is not posted within 14 days of the previous move post or the end of a predetermined "vacation" then the player failing to post may be declared in default and lose the game. The 14 days may also be changed by mutual agreement of the players at the beginning of the game, if posted to the game thread.

Losing players are responsible to post results in the stickied game results thread.

This is so that we know the loser agrees with the game result. In the event of a draw, the player who played as White should post the result. Your posting should include the names of the winner and loser, the sides each player played, and a link to the game thread. In the event that a win is claimed due to the bump or 14-day rules above, then the winner may post the result.

Games must be completed by 31 Dec 2018 in order to be counted for the 2018 season. All game results reported between 15 Oct 2017 and 31 Dec 2018 will be included in the 2018 standings. Games still in progress past this date will be counted for the 2019 league.

-- Relayer, League Moderator

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